Exposing and managing enterprise services in high security manner using IBM Cloud and IBM API Connect

Speaker: Michał Szkopiński


Many companies have invested lots of money for the last 10 years in building SOAP/REST services in their internal infrastructure. The same happens currently with microservices that run in most cases behind corporate firewalls. The challenge now is how to securely expose some of them in terms of business needs and B2B integration without the risk of breaking the service by malicious users or applications. It’s also a matter how to manage hundreds of APIs that might be accessed by thousands of developers and their applications globally. Appropriate access, easy of use, life cycle management and advance analytics with knowledge of who/when/what becomes a key factors in this game. During the session, I will explain in details what is the idea of IBM to make this process as much secure as possible with different type of authentication and authorization mechanisms (like OAuth 2.0 for example). In addition, I will talk about component architecture of IBM API Connect solution and how it can be used in IBM Cloud with appropriate access to internal corporate infrastructure behind DMZ zone.

Cloud DeveloperDays 2018